1. What is the minimum order value?

The minimum cost of any project is 3$.

2. My scene requires V-Ray Light cashe and irradiance map. Do I need to send them with the rest of the files?

Yes. You need to prepare the scene in accordance with the instructions and tell our manager what plugins you have used.

3. Does your farm support gpu-render?

Yes. Forrender supports GPU and CPU render.

4. Will all the plugins that were used in my scene be supported by Forrender? For example, what if 3Ds Max settings (gamma, etc.) are different from those on the renderfarm?

You can discuss all settings with our manager and if needed – manually configure your scene using remote access on our computers. As for plug-ins, we are trying to support anything, but just to be sure – you can always ask us about any used plug-in  (you can post a question to our mail).

5. How accurately your online calculator calculates the rendering time and cost?

The accuracy of our calculator depends on the accuracy of the data that you enter in the calculation. If you are not able to estimate the average time of 1 frame rendering, then we can sufficiently estimate the cost using pre-render of every N-th frame. In the case of static rendering – the accuracy of cost and time estimation is quite low. Therefore, we suggest you not to delay delivery of the project until the last minute.

6. What are the guarantees that my scene will not get to a third party?

We are taking all measures of technical protection against unauthorized access to files transmitted to us. If there is a need, we are ready to conclude NDA with your company. Moreover, ForRender focuses on a long-term cooperation with every customer, therefore we guarantee total protection and support of your work.

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