We Offer

Best render farm service with a maximum capacity of 4200 GHz.
Our advantages:

  • Free test render
  • Powerful nodes
  • The lowest prices(up to 0.003$ per GhZ)
  • You pay only for render
  • 100% Privacy
  • Special conditions for regular customers

Each server has a capacity of 84 GHz (2xIntel Xeon E5-2670) and 60 Gb of RAM.
The starting price is 0,007$ per 1GHz/hour depending on priority:
Low — 0,007$ GHz/hour; 0.6$ per server;
Normal — 0,014 $ GHz/hour; 1.2$ per server;
High — 0,019$ за Ghz/hour; 1.6$ per server;
Discounts up to 60%.
The cost of renting the entire render farm is $30 or $60, or $80, depending on the priority.
Supported software: After Effects, Blender, Lightwave, Modo, 3dsmax, Cinema, Maya, Houdini, Keyshot, Renderman, Skethcup, Indigo, Nuke, Revit, Rhinoceros, Terragen, Vue.
We have already established a large number of plug-ins, if you need additional – just ask us.

We also offer server for GPU render:
4x3x1080TI – $6 Per server hour
4×1080 – $6 Per server hour
4x980TI – $4 Per server hour
Total: 3 191 Octanbench 64 512 Cuda cores
Supported renders: Octane, Redshift.

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skype512 for.render
email_icon50 [email protected]