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    will agree with you all the detalis and advise on anyissues. No need to wait until the end of therendering

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    PRICE IS $0,0075 FOR 1 GHz/h -

    the best deal that the Internet may offerconsideringall known powerful render farms

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    render for free at a lower resolution, orevery N-th frame of the

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    we offer wide range of software that will satisfyneeds of extremely demanding clients

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    50 SERVERS

    2x Intel Xeon E5-267064 and 128 GB RAM

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    stay with us, order more, pay less

Rent Render Farm

Every visualization and animation expert or beginner is familiar with the term
“render farm”, as one day he/she has to encounter lack of horsepower and inability to
process an image properly.

Buying an advanced and very powerful PC can be a solution. However, it is observed that just
one such PC may not handle it. That becomes evident when it comes to processing a 300- to
350-shot piece of animation or a 6000*4000 pixel image.

Also, you can consider purchasing a number of powerful PCs. In this case, you will face the
following serious issues:

  • Buying several PCs is extortionate
  • PCs take up a lot of space, which is usually hard to find at home
  • PCs produce a lot of heat and noise

We suggest you to solve this issues in one step – apply to ForRender and we will make all
your renders in time, with the best price and quality.

The most optimal solution is applying to forrender.com

Our render-farm offers fast and high quality services at a maximum capacity of 4200 GHz.
Each server has a capacity of 84 GHz (Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670) and 64&128 Gb of RAM. Price varies depending on priority.There are three priorities:

  • Low — 0,007 $ GHz/hour;
  • Normal — 0,014 $ GHz/hour;
  • High — 0,019 $ за GHz/hour;

The cost of renting the entire render farm is 30$ or 60$, or 80$, depending on the priority.

Our services are much in demand among animation and interior visualization specialists, as
well as ad clip makers and professionals engaged in other activities that involve 3D
graphics processing.

A render farm is a network of high profile computer systems providing video and/or image
data within the shortest possible time. Server render farms significantly speed up
rendering, processing of videos and special-effects, which are created in 3D editors. In
addition, render farms can be helpful in making high-runner multi-faceted scientific

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Convenient payment methods:

  • Non-cash, to the account of the organization of the provision of the original accounting
    documents by mail;
  • Remittances;
  • You can also pay;