Redshift обновлен до версии 3.0.9
Плагин Redshift получил важное обновление на нашей ферме. Версия 3.0.9 установлена ​​и полностью поддерживается на нашей ферме ForRender.
Плагин AXYZ Anima 3.5.5 теперь полностью поддерживается нашей фермой
AXYZ Anima 3.5.5 is now fully supported on our farm!
Anima® is the 3d people animation application developed specifically for architects and designers, ideal for creating amazing 3d animated people quickly and easily! With its artificial intelligence system, it allows 3d human characters to avoid each other, to get on and off stairs, escalators, tracks and moving sidewalks. With an incredibly simple workflow, you can create complex crowd simulations in seconds. Click to read more about