Sonic finally is not a monster from Rick and Morty Universe!

As almost every other owner of Sega Genesis in his youth, I had most if not all Sonic games on that gaming system and thus was truly thrilled when first rumors of Sonic movies have appeared.

Imagine my disappointment when I saw first trailer earlier this year. Sonic looked more like a creature Rick and Morty could hunt down during their adventures, rather than a super-fast hero from our childhood.

We all know how strict Deadlines in movie industry are, so to our surprise film was delayed after a shit storm all over the internet and after seeing reworked model I’m sure that it wasn’t for naught – Sonic finally looks like Sonic.

Check new trailer and keep its link – the next time your boss tells you to send your incomplete work in production show him trailer – a perfect example of situation when it`s better to postpone rather than release unfinished product and get lynched.


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