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500 free HDRI sky and environment maps from HDRMAPS

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400 HDRI environment and sky maps by Grzegorz Wronkowski are presented in 2048×1024 resolution. These images are presented in EXR format, most of them are exterior, there are both rural and urban environments in a wide range of lighting conditions.



In addition to the free 2k versions, commercial versions of the images are available in high resolution, with a width resolution typically up to 20,000 pixels, and they can also include photographic backdrops. The free and commercial versions are licensed for use in commercial projects.



Currently 402 2k resolution maps are available in a single zip archive.
Wronkowski has also introduced over 100 free HDRI maps with a resolution of 10000×5000 pixels in the “Free” section of the atvor website, under a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license. It is possible to make a voluntary donation at checkout to support the site.

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