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Deep FX World introduced Deep FX Studio 0.5.

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Deep FX World has introduced Deep FX Studio 0.5. The standalone procedural animation and multiphysics modeling software Deep FX Studio has been updated to version 0.5.

The update brings with it a major overhaul of the software, which the developer describes as a “completely new application.

Not only the user interface and the main workflows of the application have been updated. The release also adds a number of features, including a new melting/melting and freezing system – these functions, for example, allow you to turn parts of the mesh into liquid by moving a “heater” object through it.

Other changes include integration with the open-source physical rendering tool LuxCoreRender, which can now be used as a viewport rendering tool in Deep FX Studio.




The software itself is based on the LightWave Deep Rising FX fluid simulation plugin from Banda. It also has the ability to simulate solids, cracks, and other liquids, and also has the ability to export to other DCC applications in Alembic format.

The Deep FX Studio   Indie license for artists earning less than $100,000 a year is $650, previously priced at $159.99, while the Pforessional license has gone from $349.99 to $950.

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