How to start

Usage of ForRender services is very simple.
Try it, You will love it!

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If you prefer to communicate with a live person, you can always contact our Manager via Skype or E-mail and all subsequent steps Manager will be with You
Prepare the scene
Instructions for each program can be found when submitting a scene to render in your cabinet, some instructions are available on youtube. If you have any issues please contact a manager.
Pay the cost of rendering
  1. Get the estimated cost by using our calculator.
  2. Make a Deposit. We have a cumulative discount system. The more you render - the bigger discount you get.
Start rendering and track its status
You can monitor progress and your balance in real time. If your balance drops to 0 — the work will be stopped.

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Frequently asked question

What plugins do you support? What if my plugin is missing?

We are constantly updating the list of supported software. Full list can be found on the page “Software“. If you did not find the required software in the list, please contact us. Our manager will try to install missing software as fast as possible.

How to calculate total price for my project?

The cost is calculated based on chosen priority, type of render (CPU or GPU) and total amount hours spent to render your scene. It is pretty difficult to estimate the cost of rendering in advance due to countless variables. And yet you can estimate the approximate cost and duration using our calculator or contact manager and ask him to test your project and provide his estimation.

When will my work be ready?

You can roughly calculate the duration of the render of your project on the render farm  by using calculator. All you need need is to know the render time of 1 frame on your computer, as well as what kind of processor you have. Calculation (based on the processor performance table) will estimate how much time the very same frame will require on our server , then it will multiply this by the total number of frames in your scene and will provide its calculation for different priorities.

Does your farm support gpu rendering?

Yes, it does. Today, we offer the best price-quality-power ratio. We offer servers based on 1080TI. You can find prices in our calculator, cabinet or get information by contacting a manager.

What if the 3D scene settings (gamma, etc.) in completed tests are different from those I set for my scene?

On rare occasion some settings for plugins may be lost when exporting your scene to the farm. If you have any suggestions or want to change the settings in the scene, you can always do it by contacting a manager

How accurate is your calculator?

The accuracy of our calculator depends on the accuracy of the data  you specify for the calculation. If you are unable to estimate the average time of rendering, we can estimate the cost after a pre-render of each N-th frame in your scene. Because of this, when it comes to static rendering, the accuracy of a test is very low, thus you`ll need to provide average render time to get decent prognosis from us.

What are the guarantees that my scenes will not get to third parties?

We take all measures of technical protection against unauthorized access to the files transferred to us.

If required, we are ready to sign NDA for your projects.

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