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More than a thousand free 3D models from Polish museums

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Among the free 3D models presented as part of the Malopolska Virtual Museums project are sculptures, household items and parts of buildings. All models are available on the Sketchfab website.
Many of the 3D models are available for free download under the CC0 license in standard file formats, including OBJ, gITF and USDZ with PBR textures.


The scanned models are the result of a multi-year project to digitise objects from the collection of 40 museums in the Małopolska region of Poland.
Although some of the models were previously available to view on Sketchfab, the Malopolska Virtual Museums Project has now officially made its entire collection available through the website. At the moment, the number of 3D models is 1,077.



The collection includes 3D scans of real objects dating from the Byzantine Empire to the 20th century. Household items, furniture, jewellery, clothing, weapons, tools and much more can be seen in the collection presented.


As mentioned above, most files can be downloaded for free, many under CC0 licence, but some also use CC Attribution.

Most of the virtual museum files are in .OBJ format, but there are FBX format files and Blender scene files. Models in Sketchfab are automatically converted to gITF and USDZ formats. Many of the Assets are represented with PBR textures.

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