The secrets of “The Queen’s Gambit”: how was made the popular serial

In this video you can see how some of the scenes from one of the latest popular series, The King’s Gambit, were created. The series was created by Scott Frank and Allan Scott for Netflix.

A seemingly ordinary film about a great chess player. But even here there are scenes made with renderings and, moreover, not a few of them.

Remind, that the series “The Royal Gambit” premiered on Netflix on October 23, 2020. The project became the most popular mini-series in Netflix history: 62 million people watched it in the first four weeks. The series has earned universal critical acclaim for playing the main character played by

Taylor-Joy, as well as its camerawork and quality production. It also received positive reviews in the chess community and is believed to have contributed to the revival of public interest in the game.




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